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Mardome Reflex - Glazing Only

Mardome Reflex - Glazing Only

Available in 70mm and 100mm flat flanges, Mardome Reflex means that the rooflight can be mechanically fixed to existing kerbs of varying dimensions, without the use of a kerb adaptor.

Moulded in Marlon FSX Longlife polycarbonate, Mardome Reflex's glazing is up to 200 times stronger than glass. The high resistance to adverse weather conditions and breakage means Mardome Reflex is a very safe and reliable dome rooflight option.

Mardome Reflex roof light is available in a curved dome or a pyramid profile in either clear, opal tint or a textured glazing option. A wide range of sizes in single, double and triple skin polycarbonate glazing are ex-stock.

Rooflights are supplied complete with fixings (suitable for a timber kerb), clear washers, caps and a self-adhesive foam strip for sealing the kerb.

Rooflight sizes below are overall Dome/Pyramid size.

If you require a non-standard rooflight size, please email us for a quotation.

Brett Martin Mardome Roof Lights are BBA Approved

Brett Martin Mardome Roof Lights are BBA Approved

Mardome Reflex - Measuring

For more information and to order - click on required rooflight size below

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