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Trade Access Hatch

Mardome Trade Access Hatch

Mardome Trade Access Hatch

The versatility of the Mardome rooflight range means that it can be configured to include a range of opening options such as an Access Hatch. This provides safe, easy access to roof spaces for maintenance or to open up roof spaces for terraces and roof gardens.

Units come ready to fit and can be designed to match a range of size, insulation and light transmission requirements.

The Mardome Access hatch captures natural daylight and provides a means of convenient roof maintenance with the added benefit of access to enjoy roof terraces.

Safe, easy access to flat and low pitch roofs

Class B non-fragile to ACR<Actinic:Variable Name = 'M'/>001 when new and fully fixed

10 year warranty

Hinged dome unit and gas springs facilitate opening.

Lockable internal handle(s) for easy operation and security

Opening angle will be between 70° and 83°, depending on the dimensions of the access hatch.
Brett Martin Mardome Roof Lights are BBA Approved

Brett Martin Mardome Roof Lights are BBA Approved

Mardome Trade - Kerb

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