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Trade Opening

Mardome Trade Opening Rooflight

Mardome Trade Opening Rooflight

Mardome Trade dome roof lights are supplied as a cellular PVC kerb and pre-drilled glazing allowing the installer to screw fix the glazing to the kerb. The pre-drilled fixing holes are positioned using state of the art cutting technology, ensuring a reliable and accurate fit every time.

Once installed, security caps encase the fixings for additional security. The security caps are designed to improve waterproofing and reduce the likelihood of forced entry via the rooflight. The security caps are extremely difficult to remove after installation.

Mardome Trade rooflight is available in either a single, double or triple skin polycarbonate glazing, depending on the thermal peformance requirement. The Mardome Trade cellular PVC kerb has excellent thermal insulation properties. When installed according to the manufacturer's instructions, the kerb is designed to provide exceptional waterproofing integrity. Water ingress is virtually impossible as the waterproofing membrane can be applied to the full kerb height and finished on the top horizontal surface.

The high impact resistance of polycarbonate glazing together with the strength obtained from the cellular PVC kerb make Mardome Trade a robust and reliable rooflight option.

Mardome Trade rooflight is available in a curved dome or pyramid profile and a wide range of sizes. The Trade range of Mardome dome rooflights offer a cost-effective quality roof light option for a wide range of applications.

Roof light sizes below are overall Dome/Pyramid Size.

Brett Martin Mardome Roof Lights are BBA Approved

Brett Martin Mardome Roof Lights are BBA Approved

Mardome Trade - Kerb

For more information, measuring and to order - click on required kerb type below

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