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Caro Fixed Paving Support

Caro Paving Support System

CARO Paving Support System is one of the most economical and simple ways of laying roof or terraced areas. This Polypropylene injection moulding raises the paving 15mm above the supporting surface and its integral spacers ensure a constant 5mm gap between each slab, so all water drains away immediately, leaving an "ever-dry" paved area.

As the paving is loose laid it's simplicity itself to replace damaged slabs or to inspect for possible waterproofing failure and all drainage outlets, services, manholes, etc., can be covered over to leave a completely unobstructed paved area.

Stackable for extra height

As the Caro Support has been designed to fully interlock when stacked, various heights of raised paving can be achieved from 15mm upwards.

Combinations of supports and levelling shims will allow the gradual increase in raising heights thereby giving a level finish with all drainage falls under the slabs.

Performance and Dimensions

Material: Block Co-Polypropylene - age and weather resistant and fully compatible with all roofing materials.

Due to the fact the CARO Paving Support Systems is easily divisible into halves or quarters, ensuring no wastage, it is possible to allow one unit per paving slab for estimation purposes.

Caro Paving Support System

Caro Paving Support System

Price: 81.20 (97.44 Including VAT at 20%)

Caro Paving Support Levelling Shim

Caro Paving Support Levelling Shim

Price: 24.00 (28.80 Including VAT at 20%)

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